Current kingdom schedule

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Current reign schedle

Reign 42 schedule
3/19 - Althing
- Core Lands- Kingdom Monarch Travel Fun

4/9 Voting Opens for April Althing

4/16 Althing

4/23 Prime Minister Declarations Due

5/14 Voting Opens for May Althin

5/21 Althing
Associated and Core Lands-Prime Minister Elections

5/27-5/30 Great Eastern, Weaponmaster, Midreign Feas

5/28 Crown Qual Location Bids Due

6/11 Voting Open for June Althing

6/18 Althing
ALL lands-Crown Qualification Locations Bids

7/9 Voting Opens for July Althing
Great Eastern Bids Due

7/16 Althing
Great Eastern Bids Presented

7/23 Crown Declarations Due

8/13 Kingdom Crown Quals, Warmaster
Voting Opens for August Althing

8/20 Althing
1) Associated and Core lands- Crown Elections

2)ALL lands-Great Eastern Bids Voted
9/2-9/5 Fury of the Northlands

Coronation for Reign 43